What is WELS?

WELS is Australia’s water efficiency labelling scheme that requires certain products to be registered and labelled with their water efficiency in accordance with the standard set under the national Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards Act 2005.

When a property is Water Compliant, this enables the owner to pass on 100% water consumption costs onto their tenants.

What are the WELS products?

  • Taps throughout the home
  • Toilets
  • Bathroom Fixtures, Shower Roses, Bath Spouts
  • Laundry Fixtures
  • Hot Water Systems
  • Kitchen Fixtures
  • Flow Controllers

WELS inspectors are willing to undertake site inspections and educational visits to help you understand and comply with registration and labelling requirements. Where non-compliance is detected, inspectors will assist you to become compliant. WELS inspectors will always attempt to resolve non-compliance cooperatively before escalating to an enforcement response.

Think you may have some products on your property that are not WELS compliant? Give the team at A Grade a call on (07) 3290 2245

A Grade will do a WELS report and issue a certified water compliance certificate if the home is operating within the WELS requirements. If the property is found to be not water compliant, we will provide a quote on the work required.